Yarn Caking Service - trådverk

Yarn Caking Service

Add one yarn caking service for each skein you would like me to wind for you.

If you'd like only select skeins from your order to be caked, please specify those in the order note field in your shopping cart.


100% handmade

All pieces were handmade from start to finish: The yarn was dyed with natural dyes one skein at a time before it was wound onto the loom. Each of the hundreds of yarn ends was then threaded through heddles and reed. The fabric was handwoven on my loom, subsequently washed with handmade organic soap, cut, sewn, labelled and pressed.

After Care Service

My handwovens are made to last a lifetime. But sometimes life can be rough, and a thread gets pulled and breaks, or your dog attempts to eat the fringe. Therefore, I offer a free repairs service for my handwovens for a year after purchase.

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