Raw Yarn


Only 1 piece in stock!

Raw silk, cashmere, merino, and cotton yarn from sustainable sources.  For weavers and dyers.

100% Cashmere from Mongolia, in white, natural oat, and natural hazelwood. Please let me know at checkout which colour you want.

Nm 26/2 (13,000m/kg) , available in 1kg cones. On backorder. Delivery can take 4 to 6 weeks.


100% Eri silk from Meghalaya. This fluffy and soft silk is harvested after the butterfly has hatched from the cocoon.

Nm 20/2 (1,000m/kg) and 10/2 (500m/kg), available in 0,5kg cones. Please let me know at checkout which yarn count you want. On backorder. Delivery can take up to 4 weeks.


100% Falkland merino wool from organic farming. 

Nm 26/2 (13,000m/kg), available in 1kg cones.


100% cotton certified sustainable by Cotton made in Africa. 

Nm20/2, only one 2kg cone available.

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