Baby Blanket: Bright We Burn


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Baby blankets in autumn colours of forest green, butterscotch, and gold with with small pops of tangerine, ruby, and bronze. 

Each blanket has been handmade from start to finish: The yarn was dyed with natural dyes one skein at a time before it was wound onto the loom, and each of the 800 yarn ends was threaded through heddles and reed. The fabric was handwoven on my loom, subsequently washed with organic soap, cut, sewn, labelled and pressed.

Made of 50% reeled mulberry silk and 50% superfine merino. Four of a kind.

Length: 0.95m plus simple fringe
Width: 0.7m
Density: 340gsm

All handwovens are washed with organic soap before shipping. They arrive ready to wear.

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