FAQ Farm to Yarn - trådverk

FAQ Farm to Yarn

Why did you start this project? Because it's impossible to buy high-quality, certified organic silk and silk blends if you own a tiny business or someone without huge storage and tons of cash in the bank. With this project, I want to make certified organic and non-violent silk and silk blends available to all fibre artists.

What is the purpose of this waitlist? The minimum volume for one full spinning run is 250 to 300 kilos of yarn. That's a lot for a tiny handweaving studio, and a huge financial commitment. We can only do this if enough people are part of this endeavour.  

What happens once the waitlists closes? Once the waitlist closes, we'll open a crowdfunding campaign to finance the spinning run, where those fans at the top 25% of our waitlist are the ones who get access to our heavily discounted launch packages. That means yarn packages at B2B prices, and more (we're still putting it together).

Will it be possible to order in bulk? Absolutely! Plus, those who are at the top of our waitlist will get the best prices.

Silk is the only fibre where animals are killed for the harvest. How do you reconcile this? Our silk is non-violent. This means that silk is harvested from the cocoon only after the silk moth has hatched. As opposed to mulberry silk moths used in conventional sericulture, silk moths in non-violent sericulture have not lost their vision and their ability to fly.


Do you have questions? Ask us and we'll answer here.