trådverk organic

handmade on gotland

with fibres & colours from nature


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The Studio Experience

By appointment we open our doors to guests from around the world, inviting you to experience the workings of a traditional weaving workshop. It’s also the perfect opportunity to select your favourites from my one-of-a-kind woven artworks inspired by Gotland's nature, or to commission your own design.

We Are Climate positive

We are actively sequestering more carbon than we are emitting. Our carbon sequestration actions include holistically managed grazing of silvo-pastures and grasslands. Together with the Swedish Agricultural University, we built a network of regenerative farms and gardens on Gotland to study the positive impacts of regenerative farming practices on soil health, biodiversity, and soil carbon sequestration.

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kangaroo sanctuary

We've been wildlife rescuers & rehabbers for years. In 2021, we set up Sweden's first Macropod Rescue & Rehab facility to help zoos and other macropod keepers to save the lives of their sick and orphaned joeys.

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